Kids these days are smarter, more equipped, and savvier when it comes to the internet compared to the kids 20 years ago. This means that they are more engaged in the internet, and they more or less know how to benefit from it as well.

Blogging is actually one of the most favorite past times of kids. Many kids blog about their vacation trips with their family, the things that they recently bought at the mall, or even their favorite food. Actually, blogging can be very good for kids because it does not boost their writing and communication skills, but it also cultivates their minds and make it more creative.

Blogging is not for adults only. It can also be a part of a kid’s daily routine, which we can see happening in the internet. These kids are not actually after for the money like what many adults think about blogging, but instead, they look at blogging as a way of expressing themselves, without being limited by anyone because he/she sees his blog site as his or her own online diary where he or she can write anything under the sun.

If you know that your child is into blogging, do not stop him from doing so! Instead, encourage your child even more, because you know that this hobby of your child can lead him/her to something great in the future. Make your child feel that you are part of this hobby by reading his posts, and telling him/her how good the post is. Your encouragement will boost your child to improve more and more every time he or she makes a new post in his or her blog.

One more reason why you should encourage your kids to blog at an early age is that you will not have a hard time building his vocabulary. Through blogging, your child will exert his own effort learning new words, because he or she want to improve his skills in writing to make his post better and more interesting. Your child will also learn how to write better, which he or she will develop through the years of blogging.

Blogging also enriches your child’s mind because your child will always be interested to learn something new every single day, so that he or she will be able to write something new for his or her blog. This will encourage your child to do his or her own research online about the latest news in multiple fields.

Lastly, encouraging your child to blog will also boost his or her social skills. This is because it is very likely for a blogger to meet other bloggers on the internet, where they can exchange thoughts, views, and even learn from each other.

Many children write blogs these days, and the nice thing about it is they really enjoy doing it. Let them be! This is better than seeing them spend time using the internet for checking out their social media accounts or playing online games.