In a family where parents are married but lonely, the most affected people will always be the children. This is because they are the ones who are witnessing the faults of both their parents, and worst – they can’t do anything about it, because they know that this is something that their mom and dad will fix (hopefully) on their own.

Unfortunately, despite them (the children) being hopeful that their parents will be able to fix the lonely marriage, the issue will start to sink in to their system, and without them knowing, the effects will already change them.

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According to studies, children who have lonely and married parents are the ones who have issues in their lives. They are often loners, because at home, the child is already used to staying in his room only, so that he will not witness the arguments and fights of his parents, and he does not want to see one of them lonely, while the other is married and flirting with someone else, thinking that the lonely partner is not aware of it.

Parents who are married but lonely have the tendency to neglect his or her child. In fact, even the child’s basic needs like food, shelter, and education can be neglected as well because being lonely in marriage can lead someone to lose focus in life, even loosing focus on his or her child.

If you have parents who are unhappily married, instead of you doing things that might harm you (like rebellion), why not do something that will help you release the pain and burden inside you? You can do that by expressing all of your deepest feelings in a blog. Blogging is like writing in a journal. Here, you can say everything that you want to say. You can even talk to your parents and let it all out. Often times, children who blog and use it as their online journal is able to say what they can’t say to their parents in actual. Remember, it is always best to let the pressure inside you go out, because if not, you will be carrying that all your life. Blogging online will also ensure that your family’s issues will be kept confidential. You do not have to tell your best friend or someone else that your parents are married and unhappy. Issues like this should at all times (as much as you can), should be kept secret within the family only.

If your parents are married but lonely, look at it as something that will teach you and prepare you in the future so that you will not end up like them. Be smart enough to analyze the problem in your family, and if you can, write it down in your blog or your online journal, so that you will always have a guide that you can go back to, when you are in the stage of building your own family already.