The internet is seen as a wonderland for many kids. Here, they can see everything that they want to see from the latest games, newest trends in fashion, the latest news about an upcoming movie, and so much more! It also serves as a portal where they can get in touch with their friends even after school. It is very easy for a child to spend hours using the internet because of the many things he can do in it.

For many parents, the urge for using the internet by kids became a growing problem already. This is because their kids spend more time in front of their computer already, and barely goes out of their room to mingle with other family members. We know that this is not healthy for kids anymore, especially when all they do is to lie down, eat, and browse the internet. This does not give their body the needed exercise anymore, which is going to lead to another issue for sure.

Now here’s the thing. If you want to set the boundaries when it comes to your kids’ usage of the internet, and you are now dealing with teens who have been using the internet for quite some time already, setting a new change can be a challenge. Therefore, you have to exert more effort in explaining why you need to set this new change. But if you are implementing this rule to a child who is just using the internet for the first time, this task will not be as challenging.

Also, try to stop yourself from buying your child gadgets that will let him or her stay connected to the internet even without your supervision. As much as you want to, stop yourself first until such time when you know that your child is already responsible enough when using the internet. So for now, give your child a computer that is located at the common room. That way, you can monitor his or her usage, and you can also monitor the actual websites that he or she is browsing. Remember, your goal is to ensure that the internet keeps serving a good purpose for your child.

If you are working, and you know that you do not have all the time in a day to monitor your child’s internet usage, you can always install monitoring software programs to make sure that you are still aware of your child’s internet activities even if you are not at home. Monitoring software programs are very much available online, and you can download them and install them directly to your child’s computer.

Lastly, when you are setting the boundaries like the time for using the internet and the computer, you have to make sure that you are abiding to your own rules. Be a role model to your child so that your child will always find the reason to follow you.

These are the different things that you need to do, in order to help you monitor your child’s internet usage. Remember, using the internet for hours and hours can be very bad for your child, and very unhealthy too!