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Kids And The Web: How To Monitor Their Usage

The internet is seen as a wonderland for many kids. Here, they can see everything that they want to see from the latest games, newest trends in fashion, the latest news about an upcoming movie, and so much more! It also serves as a portal where they can get in touch with their friends even after school. It is very easy for a child to spend hours using the internet because of the many things he can do in it.

For many parents, the urge for using the internet by kids became a growing problem already. This is because their kids spend more time in front of their computer already, and barely goes out of their room to mingle with other family members. We know that this is not healthy for kids anymore, especially when all they do is to lie down, eat, and browse the internet. This does not give their body the needed exercise anymore, which is going to lead to another issue for sure.

Now here’s the thing. If you want to set the boundaries when it comes to your kids’ usage of the internet, and you are now dealing with teens who have been using the internet for quite some time already, setting a new change can be a challenge. Therefore, you have to exert more effort in explaining why you need to set this new change. But if you are implementing this rule to a child who is just using the internet for the first time, this task will not be as challenging.

Also, try to stop yourself from buying your child gadgets that will let him or her stay connected to the internet even without your supervision. As much as you want to, stop yourself first until such time when you know that your child is already responsible enough when using the internet. So for now, give your child a computer that is located at the common room. That way, you can monitor his or her usage, and you can also monitor the actual websites that he or she is browsing. Remember, your goal is to ensure that the internet keeps serving a good purpose for your child.

If you are working, and you know that you do not have all the time in a day to monitor your child’s internet usage, you can always install monitoring software programs to make sure that you are still aware of your child’s internet activities even if you are not at home. Monitoring software programs are very much available online, and you can download them and install them directly to your child’s computer.

Lastly, when you are setting the boundaries like the time for using the internet and the computer, you have to make sure that you are abiding to your own rules. Be a role model to your child so that your child will always find the reason to follow you.

These are the different things that you need to do, in order to help you monitor your child’s internet usage. Remember, using the internet for hours and hours can be very bad for your child, and very unhealthy too!

The Benefits Of Blogging For Kids

Kids these days are smarter, more equipped, and savvier when it comes to the internet compared to the kids 20 years ago. This means that they are more engaged in the internet, and they more or less know how to benefit from it as well.

Blogging is actually one of the most favorite past times of kids. Many kids blog about their vacation trips with their family, the things that they recently bought at the mall, or even their favorite food. Actually, blogging can be very good for kids because it does not boost their writing and communication skills, but it also cultivates their minds and make it more creative.

Blogging is not for adults only. It can also be a part of a kid’s daily routine, which we can see happening in the internet. These kids are not actually after for the money like what many adults think about blogging, but instead, they look at blogging as a way of expressing themselves, without being limited by anyone because he/she sees his blog site as his or her own online diary where he or she can write anything under the sun.

If you know that your child is into blogging, do not stop him from doing so! Instead, encourage your child even more, because you know that this hobby of your child can lead him/her to something great in the future. Make your child feel that you are part of this hobby by reading his posts, and telling him/her how good the post is. Your encouragement will boost your child to improve more and more every time he or she makes a new post in his or her blog.

One more reason why you should encourage your kids to blog at an early age is that you will not have a hard time building his vocabulary. Through blogging, your child will exert his own effort learning new words, because he or she want to improve his skills in writing to make his post better and more interesting. Your child will also learn how to write better, which he or she will develop through the years of blogging.

Blogging also enriches your child’s mind because your child will always be interested to learn something new every single day, so that he or she will be able to write something new for his or her blog. This will encourage your child to do his or her own research online about the latest news in multiple fields.

Lastly, encouraging your child to blog will also boost his or her social skills. This is because it is very likely for a blogger to meet other bloggers on the internet, where they can exchange thoughts, views, and even learn from each other.

Many children write blogs these days, and the nice thing about it is they really enjoy doing it. Let them be! This is better than seeing them spend time using the internet for checking out their social media accounts or playing online games.

Kids Of Married But Lonely Parents Are The Most Affected Ones

In a family where parents are married but lonely, the most affected people will always be the children. This is because they are the ones who are witnessing the faults of both their parents, and worst – they can’t do anything about it, because they know that this is something that their mom and dad will fix (hopefully) on their own.

Unfortunately, despite them (the children) being hopeful that their parents will be able to fix the lonely marriage, the issue will start to sink in to their system, and without them knowing, the effects will already change them.

UPDATE: So apparently the same site offers married dating! Never knew such a thing existed.

According to studies, children who have lonely and married parents are the ones who have issues in their lives. They are often loners, because at home, the child is already used to staying in his room only, so that he will not witness the arguments and fights of his parents, and he does not want to see one of them lonely, while the other is married and flirting with someone else, thinking that the lonely partner is not aware of it.

Parents who are married but lonely have the tendency to neglect his or her child. In fact, even the child’s basic needs like food, shelter, and education can be neglected as well because being lonely in marriage can lead someone to lose focus in life, even loosing focus on his or her child.

If you have parents who are unhappily married, instead of you doing things that might harm you (like rebellion), why not do something that will help you release the pain and burden inside you? You can do that by expressing all of your deepest feelings in a blog. Blogging is like writing in a journal. Here, you can say everything that you want to say. You can even talk to your parents and let it all out. Often times, children who blog and use it as their online journal is able to say what they can’t say to their parents in actual. Remember, it is always best to let the pressure inside you go out, because if not, you will be carrying that all your life. Blogging online will also ensure that your family’s issues will be kept confidential. You do not have to tell your best friend or someone else that your parents are married and unhappy. Issues like this should at all times (as much as you can), should be kept secret within the family only.

If your parents are married but lonely, look at it as something that will teach you and prepare you in the future so that you will not end up like them. Be smart enough to analyze the problem in your family, and if you can, write it down in your blog or your online journal, so that you will always have a guide that you can go back to, when you are in the stage of building your own family already.

Limiting Your Child’s Usage Of Internet: How To Do It

The internet brings so much joy and entertainment to all of us, especially to our kids due to the number of games, social media platforms, and other websites that cater to their interests. For instance, if your child love music, you can expect him or her visiting sites like YouTube or torrent websites where he or she can download the latest hits of well known artists.

While the internet brings a lot of good things to your child, you still have to make sure that proper usage is applied, because you do not want your child to spend the whole day just surfing the internet, and not engage with other activities that he or she also need.

Remember, spending the whole day in front of the computer is not healthy for your child. This is in fact one of the reasons why child obesity became a growing problem already; kids are no longer interested with physical games because they can get the needed thrill and enjoyment from online games.

So to make sure that your child has a proper balance of time for internet and other activities, make sure that you do the following:

Set A Time For Using The Computer

Tell your kids that you are going to set a time where they can use the internet for whatever they want to do. Let them know the risks involved if they use the internet the whole day, and how it can affect their lives. Be strict with this time, and never break your rules. Be a role model too, so that your children will follow you.

Placing Your Computer

Place your computer in a place where everyone can see it. That way, your children cannot sneak. If your children are equipped with smart phones where they can also access the internet, manage your wi-fi settings, so that they will not be able to connect to the internet, during the time when they are not allowed to do so.

Block Websites

Make sure to check your browsing history after your child used the computer. Check each site in the history and block the ones that you think is risky to your child. Talk to your child as well about this website that he or she visited. Let your child know that the website is not appropriate for him, and explain it in a way that your child will understand it.

Encourage Your Children To Do Something Else

One reason why your child spend more time lurking the internet is because he or she knows that there is nothing much to do at home. So you as the parent, should come up with other activities that they can do, like doing DIY home projects for their rooms, baking, or even taking them for a 20 minute bike at the park, which is a great idea if you want them to have a little workout for the day.

These are the different things that you can do, if you want to limit your kids’ usage of internet.

Modern Software Programs For Kids

We cannot deny the fact that the internet is also something our kids need not only to enrich their minds with the needed information for their education, but also for boosting their social skills, especially now when there is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where they can start mingling, interacting, and communicating with the people that they know, and even the people that they just met online.

However, this does not mean that the internet cannot be harmful to our kids. This is because of the many risks involved when you meet a stranger online. Cyber bullying is also another issue, which can affect your child in so many ways.

As parents, you have to prepare your child for such issues when they start using the internet. You have to guide them well, and let them know that the internet is both useful for them and at the same time, will put them at risk if they are not very careful. Teaching your child proper usage of the internet is vital, because if not, your child’s mind can be corrupted easily, which you do not want to happen at an early stage. One way to do this is to monitor your child’s internet usage to make sure that he or she is just visiting sites that are child friendly, and engaging with people whom you think is not going to put them at risk.

But with today’s busy world, many parents cannot monitor their child anymore when using the internet because they have to work. Good thing there are software programs parents can use, so that they can monitor their child’s internet usage even when they are away from home.

An example is Myspy. This is a program that parents can install in their kids’ tablets or even smartphones where most kids browse the internet nowadays. This program can be installed without the knowledge of your child, so that you can see the actual websites your child is browsing, the people he is engaging with in his social media websites, and even read emails or text messages to and from the child’s mobile phone. All of the reports are easily monitored in an online account where moms or dads can access wherever they are. They can also take action like blocking websites or text messages, if they feel that this activity is going to cause harm to their child.

The Myspy program is just one of the many child software programs that parents can use in order to monitor their children’s usage of the internet even if they can’t be at home physically.

The development of such program brought so many benefits to busy parents. Now, they do not have to worry anymore when their child is using the internet, because everything is monitored in real time. Parents can purchase software programs like this in the internet through a downloadable format. The program is not that expensive too; a very small investment that will ensure your child’s safety, even when you are not at home.

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